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of organi transactions go towards spreading and improving blockchain infrastructure around the world. educates on cryptocurrencies and hodling by distributing fractional amounts of bitcoin, bitcoin cash, eos and organi. Eventually as economies of scale grow participates in charitable activities such as distributing cellular phones to spread blockchain infrastructure. 

By spreading blockchain knowledge and infrastructure to the global poor who are also part of the chain of food production organi creates a worldwide distribution network to bring fair trade to all the people who make good food, steward clean water and nourish ecosystems


of organi transactions go to a pool used to protect our ecosystems and native cultures. organi users vote on which projects to fund


of organi transactions go towards marketing so people understand how blockchain can show provenance and what is actually in food and how organi can help people and make the world a better place while honoring native cultures and ecosystems


why organi is more than a philanthropic dream

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bitcoin cash address: qr4np8cr0m3seehnussekcpv027nu3z27sdpyqa7gx

eos address: organi com eos ‘organidotcom’

bitcoin address: 17utfcmhLSq54XM8n5FiQ7jtQLkXGUfgtB

Click on team and scroll down to give your contact information if you would like to be updated on use of funds. 

We will change the world together!